What should I expect at my appointment?

The dermatologist will have a discussion with you to try to understand your concerns. A history will be taken of your problem and, in most cases, an examination of the skin will be performed. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to take samples of your hair, skin or nails to assist in managing your problem. Your dermatologist will discuss this at the time of your appointment.

For a full skin check, you will generally be asked to undress to your underwear. It is not standard practice to examine under the under garments. However, if you have any concerns regarding the skin in these areas, your dermatologist will examine them at your request. It is recommended that no make-up be worn to your appointment if you are having a skin check.

Photographs may be taken of your skin during the consultation. This is important in identifying the location of spots and skin cancers for future treatment, and is also valuable in monitoring the progress of your condition over time.

Your referring doctor will be provided with a summary of the consultation and any investigation results will also be provided to the referring doctor.